The Winners Have Been Announced

This year’s Illinifest Student Film Festival was a great success! Thank you to all of those who attended the event. The panel discussions and networking events were well taken. Illinifest would like to send a special thanks to all of the talented and ambitious filmmakers that were featured in this years festival. Your films set the tone of the festival and kept the audience fully engaged and immersed in the Illinifest experience. As Illinifest continues to expand we encourage everyone to submit their films to next year’s event as well!

We would like to officially announce this year’s winners:

Midwest Student Competition:

Best Actor – Joran Backes (Dog Days, Wisconsin)

Best Actress – Amy Frazzini (I Am Virgin, Illinois)

Best Cinematography – Dog Days (Deming, Wisconsin)

Illini Student – LM7805 (Li, Illinois)

Social Impact Award – Renewed (Seering, Illinois)

Best Sound Design – Dog Days (Deming, Wisconsin)

Best Editing – I Am Virgin (Packer, Illinois)

Grand Jury Award – Dog Days (Deming, Wisconsin)

World Competition: 

Best Picture – Senior Teacher (Sha, China) 

Best Performance – Jovana Stojiljkovic (Grad, Serbia)

Best Cinematography – Senior Teacher (Sha, China)

Audience Award – Moustique (Berthier & André, France)