Casa, Home, Leaving

Veronica Garcia

Midwest Student Category – Nominated for Best Director Midwest(Veronica Garcia), Social Impact Award, Best Documentary

Casa, Home, Leaving complicates the immigrant story. The immigrants work hard to give their child a better life, and indeed their child benefits. But what happens when their child no longer feels connected to home, connected to them? Veronica Garcia attempts to capture this vulnerability through observational footage, interviews, home video, and an experimental haptic sequence of home. Casa, Home, Leaving was produced with the support of Carleton College for Garcia’s senior thesis, with funding provided by Carleton’s Class of 1963 Fellowship. It has screened with Minnesota’s Video Feminist Quarterly, at CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival, and the ACM Film Festival. Carleton College awarded Casa, Home, Leaving the Sigrid and Erling Larsen Award for most memorable or distinguished work in the arts. Garcia plans to continue evolving Casa, Home, Leaving throughout her father’s lifetime, in hopes of creating a series of shorts and/or a feature length film.