No Sex

Alexey Ionov

World Cinema Competition – Nominated for Best Director World(Alexey Ionov)

After a surgery, a young girl is prohibited from having sex for next 6 months. She is dumped by her boyfriend, she is haunted by freudisms, and her new suitors run away. Luckily, she meets a guy ready to support her in abstinence for the sake of hot night in future. They go through fire, water and sublimation, until the doctor allows the girl to resume her sex life. But will it finally happen?

About Alexey Ionov

Alexey Ionov has been educated as a historian and specialist in cinema studies at RSUH. Besides that he has been given a director education at Russian cinema school “Free Cinema” (master – Pavel Bardin). In 2015 Alexey Ionov and Andrew Gubenko cofounded a video production “giant production”, known for some of their music videos and commercials.