Prisoner, a Visual Poem

Hinna Raja

Midwest Student Category – Nominated for Best Cinematography Midwest, Best Sound Design, Social Impact Award

Winning Best Cinematography at the 8th annual WRC Feminist Film Fest of 2017, Prisoner is a five-minute short film that forces its viewer to confront the severe mental demons they keep repressed in order to play the part of a functioning human being.

About Hinna Raja

My name is Hinna Raja and I am an artist.
I do not confine myself to one type of art, nor does my art confine me. I am an artist, a filmmaker, a photographer, a writer, an illustrator, a painter, a lover, a friend, a human being.
My work shows my abilities as a professional freelance artist by exposing my artist to a very raw, vulnerable side of the artist. My art makes my viewer uncomfortable. My art is naked.