Cada Gota Cuenta (Every Drop Counts)

Anita Koltun

Documentaries Category- Nominated for Social Impact Award and Best Documentary

Cada Gota Cuenta is the story of how social business, EcoFiltro, has saved the lives of school students and their families who were unable to access safe drinking water in rural Guatemala.

About Anita Koltun
Director of Cada Gota Cuenta, Anita Koltun, is from Chicago, Illinois and is currently a student at the University of Michigan who is studying film and anthropology. Anita has always loved storytelling because stories are filled with lessons, laughs and windows into worlds she otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Anita came to love film because she finds the amount of obsessive and focused work and collaboration in every aspect of film of film simply fantastic. She hopes to continue to tell stories for the rest of her life.