Sarah Stearn

U of I Student Category – Nominated for Best Experimental Film

Made by a collective of dance artists, this film explores sensations and textures of the female body. We were inspired by skin and sensory details such as: scratching, melting, and dripping. Residue investigates the subtleties of the female form juxtaposing the mass media’s critique of sensuality, often over-sexualized and degraded. This film aims to heighten the awareness of femininity through dance.

About the Filmmakers
Krystal Collins (’18), Alyssa Gordon (’17), Reika McNish (’17), Sarah Stearn (’18), and Katie Williams (’16) are all students in the Department of Dance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Although their personal interests differ, they came together to create this project for the Dance Documentation course, using their passion for feminism and dance as a common thread through the process.