Running Back

Janjay Knowlden and Nic Morse

U of I Student Category – Nominated for Illini Student Award

A young man grapples with a tough decision: does he face his problems head on or does he run back? Anchored by a great performance from UIUC actor Xavier Roe, Running Back takes a look at love, liberty, and loyalty.

About Janjay Knowlden and Nic Morse
Born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, Janjay Knowlden is an senior in Acting at the University of Illinois. He is pursuing a newly awakened passion for film and filmmaking. Nic Morse is a recent alum from UIUC’s Theatre Studies department who shares Janjay’s passion for film. Together, they are Protagonist Pizza Productions. PPP provides video content exploring film, Champaign-Urbana, and art in a fun and potent way! Look for Protagonist Pizza Productions on Facebook, Youtube, and