Official Selection


Tree (Árbol) (Morales, Colombia 2:08)
Moose Emergency (Nicol, Illinois 2:10)
Creator’s Labyrinth (Labirinto do Criador) (Beckenkamp, Brazil 8:31)
Dieting; (Chval, Illinois 2:41)
The Night Before (Pettett, Illinois 6:14)
Spot of Bother (Su, Illinois 7:10)
Total: 29mins.

World Competition Block One:

Mosquito (Moustique) (Berthier, France 19:58) G
Trigger (Folkens, California 10:11) G
Where The Colours Go Dark (Piryatinskiy, Russia 13:05)
The City (Grad) (Šarović, Serbia 12:12) G
The Traveler (Podróżnik) (Henriksen, Denmark 4:58) G
Total: 1hr.

World Competition Block Two:

Senior Teacher (北京电影学院) (Sha, China 23:53)
Sycomore (Vidal, France 10:06)
Sahar (Rathod, India 6:47)
Allegoria (Bellator, Spain 7:15)
Changing of the Leaves (Parker, New York 8:00)
Total: 56mins.


Renewed (Seering, Illinois 7:43)
Terra Nostra (Verstaevel, France 17:41)
Love and Capitalism (Hamilton & Martin, Illinois 9:55)
Psychedelic Soldiers (Spadafora, Canada 15:21)
Total: 50mins.

Midwest Student Block One:

Once Crazy (Lowry, Missouri 13:52)
Move (O’Neill, Illinois 5:15)
Girls Don’t Cry Wolf (Chigas, Michigan 4:12)
See You Soon (Campsie, Ohio 5:14)
Infinite (Damenz, Missouri 7:14)
Heavy (Harrel, Illinois 5:31)
Wherever You Go (Bacani, Illinois 6:07)
Total: 46mins.

Midwest Student Block Two:

Contradicting Thoughts (Domantay, Illinois 2:09)
Slow, Slow Tune (Lu, Illinois 1:18)
Dog Days (Deming, Wisconsin 19:05)
I Am Virgin (Packer, Illinois 13:11) G
Choices (Castillo, Missouri 1:22)
LM7805 (Li, Illinois 7:13) G
Total: 44mins.